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Do you suffer from any minor irregularities with a tooth that you wish to have fixed without completely encasing a tooth or covering it up completely? If so, a dental bonding treatment may be your preferred option. Dental bonding treatments use specialized substances, usually resin or porcelain, which are directly applied to an affected area of a tooth.

If you have teeth that have been physically altered due to contact sports, or if you have suffered from any form or variety of oral injury and ailment, it may be possible to easily repair them with dental bonding treatments. Dental bonding treatments can be used for a wide assortment of ailments, including, cracks, chips, stains, fractures, cavities, discolorations, and others.

Dental bonding works by applying specialized materials, including resin and porcelain, to cover up the damage and prevent further harm from arising. If your tooth enamel is compromised, bacteria can leak into a tooth and increase your risk for cavities, infections, and even tooth loss. Dental bonding treatments are designed to seal any cracks or splits in teeth that could potentially spell disaster for your smile.

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