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Did you know, water flossers are excellent to use if traditional floss hurts your hands or fingers? Yes, it’s true! Water flossing has become a significant wave of success when it comes to flossing your teeth properly. Luckily, our dentist, Dr. Alan and Cory with Brothers Dental in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is here to explain the benefits of water flossers and why they might work for you too!

Everyone knows the constant need of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing habitually. Yet, many people struggle with traditional floss string because it hurts their gums or fingers as they hold it. The good news is water flossers eliminate the need for conventional dental string because it uses a steady beam of water to clean deep between your teeth and along your gumline. Water flossers are also very easy to use, which makes them highly efficient and accessible for children or adults who struggle using traditional floss.

Another added advantage of water flossing is that they are just as easy to use if you have braces, because of the ease with which water pressure can reach those hard-to-reach places. The American Dental Association has offered many water flossers their Seal of Acceptance, which means it has been proven safe and effective at helping clean your teeth, prevent cavities, and fight gum disease. It is imperative to remember that flossing does not replace the need to brush regularly, but water flossers are an excellent option to use instead of traditional floss when you find flossing difficult. The significant thing to remember when it comes to any flossing tool is that it’s always better to floss than not to floss at all.

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